Why do Gabes send the same Office Cleaning Team to you Every Week?

Commercial Office CleaningNot all Newcastle and Maitland Office Cleaners are alike! If you have been frustrated by constantly getting different cleaners turning up and getting a varied (and sometimes poor) service, then you may want to consider asking Gabes Cleaning for a quote.

As Hunter Valley and Central Coast based office cleaners who have been in business for over 35 years, we have built up a great deal of knowledge about what we know works well when it comes to providing a consistent, high quality, friendly office cleaning service that comes with a smile.

We know that our fantastic cleaners enjoy building a relationship with our business and commercial clients because they tell us so! Our customers also appreciate getting to know their cleaners. Over the years we’ve made subtle changes to our service such as introducing our communication books, because we understand what makes a great relationship between customer and cleaner.

Here at Gabes Commercial Cleaning, we will send you the same cleaners each week so that you can specify exactly how you like things to be done in your office. We know that every office is different and that you may have different requirements depending on what your office does and how many people are coming in and out of it. You may have people who don’t want their desks to be touched, or you may have meeting rooms that get very heavy use.

If that’s the case then having the same cleaners each and every week, that you can get to know and who can get to know how you like things to be done, will mean that you get the best out of your Newcastle and Maitland area cleaners and we can make sure that you’re happy with the service that we provide.

If you would like us to quote for our weekly cleaning service then please give Gabes Cleaning a ring today on 4964 4444 or you can make an enquiry online here.