Gabes is an authorised contractor to the Hunter Water Group for bio solid management. The processed solids are collected from HWA depots throughout the region and worked into rejuvenation projects in local coal mines allowing for large scale fertilisation utilising a reclaimed product. It’s a two tier environmental bonus.

  • More effective rehabilitation program
  • Increased plant growth
  • Lower costs (seed, soil amendments)
  • Sustainable soil additive

The long-term storage of the top soil from mine operations can result in a decline in soil quality. Many mines also experience a shortage of suitable topsoil for rehabilitation works, therefore poor quality subsoil and/or mining spoil are often used for rehabilitation. Subsoil and spoil typically have limited value as plant growth media due to their poor structure, low levels of nutrients and organic matter and high sodicity or salinity. Biosolids can be used to create topsoil with properties suitable for the target vegetation community.

Our large fleet, of over twenty tractors complete with low loader and support vehicles, allow us to meet time sensitive job requirements.

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